I am here for a purpose!

Living with Type 1 diabetes for most of my life and losing everything in a wildfire has helped me realize that I was born to help others overcome their circumstances, and to empower others to live a life of freedom and significance.  In November of 2018 my life was turned upside down a second time when a wildfire destroyed my family's home and our community of Paradise, CA.  After the fire I tried just about everything to get back into doing my work, and realized that what I was doing left me feeling exhausted and unfulfilled.  I believe that with every challenge comes opportunity.  An opportunity to reset, reconfigure, and reassess what we are doing in our lives.  So I started researching different companies and working on my business & leadership skills.  What I discovered made me laugh out loud.  I discovered that I am more mission driven and it is my passion to help others find purpose and meaning that will make their lives more than just endurable, it will make their lives sing.  I have a moral obligation to be a part of a better normal, a part of the change that I want to see. 

You can help us build a better world where access to justice and security is available to everyone. 

Together we can make a difference in our communities and bring hope to our friends and neighbors.

Having seen how passive income has changed my life, I believe it can help anyone create a lifestyle that provides time, money and meaning.

Join me on a mission to empower others to live a life of freedom and significance!

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