By: Shawn | June 05, 2020

Your success will be determined on the drawing board. 

All you need is a plan, a road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

There is a map somewhere of how it can be done.  

It's better to have a method.

Find a good system and it will shorten the road to your goal.

If you want to achieve a high level of success, follow these 10 core commitments

1.  Start each day the right way 

2. Stay connected

3. Do 2 new exposures every day

4. Attend weekly business briefings with a guest

5. Invest in yourself and your team

6. Attend the monthly Super Saturday 

7. Attend the International Convention

8. Retain your members

9. Find a workout partner/choose a mentor

10. Double your business on year from now!

For more details about these 10 core commitments and how they can help you reach goals. 

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