By: Shawn | September 18, 2019

What do you really want?


What keeps dragging you away from what you really want?

You will never get what you want until you discover what is most VALUABLE to YOU.

Don't choose the immediate before considering the ULTIMATE!

Be careful that you are not being dragged away from what you ACTUALLY want, by what you naturally want.

If you are STUCK...

Ask yourself...

How long do I plan to let what I naturally want drag me away from what I ULTIMATELY want?

Don't trade ULTIMATE for immediate.

Don't trade natural for SUPERNATURAL!

If you or anyone you know is struggling with anything that is keeping you from living a fulfilled life, there is HOPE and there is HELP!

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Psalm 107

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By: Shawn | September 16, 2019


Do you want to be smarter, stronger and happier?  If you could upgrade or hack your biological framework to the level of vitality that you has when you were born, would you?

This aspiration to achieve and maintain perfection has created a new trend called bio-hacking, where people are spending a lot of time and money figuring out how to optimize their bodies to become smarter, stronger and happier.  

Basically, bio-hackers are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, concocting ways to upgrade their bodies. 

These people are pushing their bodies to the limit.  But their aspirations aren't as pure as you might think. 

The ultimate aim of bio-hacking is to eradicate death. 

One of the best-known bio...

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By: Shawn | September 16, 2019

It's interesting that people look at life as they do bad weather.

They try to will tough circumstances away while waiting for them to stop.

Yet the tide of opportunity comes to everyone.

Opportunity knocks all the time, even when the weather is bad. 

You've got to be ready for it.

When your chance comes, you must have the tools & skills to take advantage of it.

Take a deeper look at what appears to be someone's "good luck." 

You'll find that it is not luck but preparation, planning, and thoughts that bring success.

When you're prepared for opportunity your chance for success is sure to come.

The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.

"Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and G...

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By: Shawn | September 13, 2019

This rare occasion of the Harvest Moon occurring on Friday the 13th only happens every 20 years.  A Harvest Moon — or the full moon that happens nearest to the fall equinox—is about to appear in the sky tonight.  Friday the 13th may be a superstitious date, but some lunar fans will find themselves feeling lucky, because something rare is about to happen. 

The harvest moon often looks orange and very large, but this year, the harvest moon will seem unusually small.

Some experts report this phenomenon known as a “micromoon,” which occurs when a full moon happens when it is farthest from Earth.  A "supermoon" on the other hand appears large in the sky and happens when it is closest to the earth.  From the g...

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By: Shawn | September 11, 2019

Does the Bible prove preexistence?

A friend of mine believes that all people were born into the spirit world before coming to earth and taking earthly bodies.

This concerns me greatly!

As one website puts it: "Your life didn't begin at birth and it won't end at death.  Before you came to earth, your spirit lived with Heavenly Father who created you.  You knew Him, and he knew and loved you.  It was a happy time during which you were taught God's plan of happiness and the path of true joy.  But just as most of us leave our home and parents when we grow up, God knew you needed to do the same.  He knew you couldn't progress unless you left for a while.  So he allowed you to come to earth to experience the joy a...

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