I Am Here For A Purpose!

I’ve turned my biggest weakness into my biggest strength! Living with Type 1 diabetes and loosing everything in a wildfire has made me want to help others get through their toughest times! And live life to the fullest! If you or anyone you know is struggling with anything that is keeping you from living a fulfilled life there is HOPE there is HELP! For the past 20 years I have been working as a sales manager in the corporate world. In November of 2018 my life was turned upside down when the Camp Fire destroyed my families home, and our community of Paradise, CA. Shortly after the fire, I went back to work, but discovered that what I was doing left me feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. I knew deep down inside that I would need to represent a product or service that would actually make a difference in peoples lives and help them. I believe that with every challenge comes opportunity. An opportunity to reset, reconfigure, and reassess what we are doing in our lives. So I started researching different companies and working on my business & leadership skills. What I discovered made me laugh out loud. The company that I have chosen to work with is a company that I became a part of over 20 years ago, but at the time I did not fully understand the value of the service or the power of the business. What excites me the most about this business is that while making a difference in peoples lives, we can generate an income for life and our children's life, and their children's life.  Having seen how a passive income has changed my life, I believe it can help anyone create a lifestyle that provides time, money, and meaning.  I know this works, it's working for thousands of people.  In this business everyone works together, we are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves.  I believe that you can only get ahead if you help other people.  The joy of helping others continues to inspire me.  If you want to bring your energy and enthusiasm to our team. 

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"Perspective is everything... Simplicity is Timeless... Change is Constant."

- Keoki Flagg